How to Spend Your Time in San Diego for Fun – Best Things and Places Only in San Diego


The only city that is nicknamed as the “birthplace” of California and the place where you can find the Kumeyaay people, San Diego. There are about 1.5 million residents of the great city of San Diego. The House of Hospitality (Balboa Park) and the Coronado Park are two of the historic places of San Diego that the residents are proud of. If you think you are on a budget, you can still have fun in San Diego. You don’t need to plan because there are several fun things to do in San Diego and spend your day enjoying. Trust us, just click here to get started. San Diego city is recommended for families who are in for a great family vacation and enjoy the almost perfect weather in all months of the year.

San Diego’s Beaches. The beaches, several hundred miles of San Diego’s finest beaches, should be the first place to check out when you get here. It is San Diego’s pride as most of the beaches are ranked at the top of a recent only survey. Without spending a single cent; you can enjoy and walk on these beautiful beaches. You can go for a dip, a swim, even surfing. Your family can bring beach toys and build a sandcastle, bury themselves under the sand, go sunbathing, or just hang out with your friends.

La Jolla Cave. This serene place is nature’s pride and known for the picturesque sunsets in San Diego. This must be in your list of all the places you should visit in San Diego on your first day. It is probably nature’s way to show how sunsets of San Diego can touch a human soul. Check this link to know more!

Seaport Village. If you are looking for a decent way to spend your afternoon, Seaport Village’s free entertainments are a must-try to visit. You can experience how to be a San Diegan and know how it is to be in a laid-back environment by trying this place. Go window shopping, pass by eateries beside the bay, count all yachts, and stroll around the area and smell the cool breeze.

Tecolote Shores. You will miss all the fun if you will not try flying a kite in Tecolote Shores. There are a number green areas that the park allows for you to set up for a picnic. The place is best for its breeze that comes from the bay.

Gaslamp Quarter. It is found in the downtown area of San Diego City. You can find here lots of specialty and novelty shops. Get more info here!

Old Town. You can find everything here, including a historic blacksmith shop and even the oldest schoolhouse in the Western side of States.

Mission Bay Park. The park has a lot of trails for bikes, roller blades, joggers, and skateboarders out there.

San Diego has lots of places for you visit and things for you to try.

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